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  • To provide the best possible palliative care for patients with terminal cancer in the Klang Community, with resources (financial, human, etc) available to us. ‘Palliative care’ treats the pain and other sufferings that come with advanced cancer. Other needs of terminally ill patients (psychological, social & spiritual) are also cared for.

  • To create an awareness of the needs of patients with advanced cancer, and also an awareness of the kind of help that is available to reduce the sufferings of these patients.

The main activity of HOSPICE KLANG is the "Home Care" programme.  Experienced nurses and volunteers visit homes to see sick patients. Doctors will visit when necessary. At each visit, the patient is assessed.  Is there a need for stronger medication for pain?  Does the patient need a walking stick or a wheel-chair to get around?   Is a special bed needed for the bed-ridden?  Is the family properly informed about the illness?  How are the patient and family coping?  Both physical and emotional needs are looked into. The responsibility of caring is still with the family. Our role is to provide relief and support.


Care & Treatment  provided

In general, care is needed and given in 4 areas:

  • Treatment of physical symptoms - e.g. pain, vomiting, breathlessness. This included provision of essential medications and consumables used to treat these sufferings. This is especially for poor patients. Those who can afford are encouraged to buy from pharmacy or hospital.

  • Nursing care  -  e.g. care of feeding tubes, urinary catheter,  prevention & treatment of bed sores, wound dressing, teaching nursing care

  • Education & Counseling -  e.g. Explaining diagnosis & prognosis

  • Loan of medical equipment - e.g. wheel-chairs, hospital beds, ripple mattress


*Services and loan of equipment are FREE to ALL

Registering with Hospice Klang
  • Our service is only for patients with advanced cancer.


  • Patients accepted by HOSPICE KLANG are required to be referred by the attending doctor, family physician or specialist.
    (*Referral forms are available from our Centre or downloaded from our website)


  • Attending doctor discuss with patient & carers about referral to make sure they agree with referral.


  • Doctor can fax/email to Hospice and give copy to patient/carer to present to Hospice  
    ... OR
    Patient/Carer can visit Hospice Centre with copy of referral to register and arrange for visits. And also to find out more about services available
    *Do NOT use WhatsApp or SMS


  • The criteria for acceptance to our service are based on the diagnosis of cancer and the need for palliative medical care. We are NOT able to accept cases
    based primarily on the need for nursing care or equipment


  • Advice for Patients & Care-givers -
    - ask the referring doctor to fill in ALL vital information
    - call the hospice centre to arrange/start the first visit

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