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Hospice Klang ...
  • Non-Governmental Organisation (NG0)
  • Non- Profit
  • Depends largely on public funds to run its services.

Cash Donations

Make a donation to us for any amount. Receipt will be issued for donations. Cheques should be made out to 'Hospice Klang'. Please ensure that you provide your details so we can send you a receipt. Use the donation form or write your Name and Address on the back of your cheque.


Other Donations in the form of purchases of certain equipment or sponsorship of services.

  - Oxygen Concentrators

  - Syringe Drivers

  - Nebulisers

  - Ripple Mattresses

  - Air Cushions

  - Hospital Beds, Wheelchairs

  - Computers ,Printers

  - Printing Services

  - Sponsorship of Nurses

  - New mattresses/bed linen


Make a gift on your Birthday

To celebrate this auspicious day, make a donation to those less fortunate.


Donations In Lieu of Flowers

Instead of flowers to express sympathy, families of the bereaved can request that donations be made to Hospice Klang - ' In Lieu of Flowers'.



Patients can make out a bequest to Hospice Klang.  It is heartwarming to be remembered in a grateful patient's will.


Adopt a Patient

Many patients are poor and need financial aid to pay for medical fees, medication, groceries and other essential expenses. Your donations of basic necessities or cash will be much appreciated by these patients


Hospice Klang has a constant need for committed volunteers. Help is needed in the services provided by Hospice Klang, and the support from volunteers is indispensable. Contribute your energy and time .


 Areas where you can help -


Patient-Care related Activities

  - Cooking for patients

  - Providing transportation

  - Interacting with patients


Charity Events

  - Bazaars & Exhibitions

  - Awareness Campaigns

  - Fashion Shows

  - Concerts

  - Treasure Hunts

  - Walkathons


Administrative & Public Relations

  - Cataloguing & Filing

  - Data Entry

  - Fund-raising

  - Corporate Appeals

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.  
- Margaret Mead

Making a difference TOGETHER ...

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