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" if not days to life,.. add life to days "
Cure sometimes, Treat often, Comfort always

Hospice Klang brings joy to an otherwise sombre situation ...

Excerpt ....

Further down the road, at Jalan Kem, is Chew Yoke Lian, 52, who has advanced stage throat cancer. Looking at her now, it’s hard to believe that she used to suffer excruciating headaches, pain so bad that she had to hit her head with a spoon continuously just to get some relief.

She used to need two injections a week, but now she doesn’t even have to go to the hospital because of the medication given to her by Hospice Klang and the visits by hospice team.

“I told my friends, but none of them believed me,” she says. “They said: ‘Where in the world are there such good doctors who make house calls?’ They thought I’m imagining things. I had to take a photograph and prove to them that it’s true. I used to suffer terrible pain and nausea for a whole month, unable to eat or sleep.

Chew Yoke Lian, who has advanced stage throat cancer, is a happy woman these days after prescribed medication which stopped the excruciating pain in her head.

Hospice is about hope. But it is hope redefined in the context of a patient’s illness. Although a cure is no longer an option for these patients, “what they can hope for is to have no pain, and have friends who come to see them, and hope that they don’t have to keep going to the hospital.”

B'cos We Matter, B'cos We Care.

B'cos We Matter, B'cos We Care.

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