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" if not days to life,.. add life to days "

HOSPICE KLANG was set up in 1995 to provide "palliative care" to the community in Klang and the surrounding district. We are a charitable, non-governmental organisation, not affiliated to any political, religious or health establishment. Service and care are given FREE to all who need palliative care.

"PALLIATIVE CARE" - is medical care given to patients whose diseases no longer respond to curable treatments.  The majority of such patients are those suffering from cancer. The aim of hospice-palliative care is to alleviate the sufferings of these patients and to enhance the quality of life in the remaining days of life. Hospice work involves providing for the relief of pain and other distressing symptoms, as well as the giving of professional advice and support to families of cancer patients to help them care better for these patients.

Hospice Klang Home Care Service - Experienced nurses, doctors and volunteers visit homes to see sick patients. Majority of these patients have advanced stage cancers, and are home or bed confined.

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Home can be the either the very best place or the very worst place to die!
 "... I am very clear that there comes a time to accept the inevitability of death. But patients don't just" die." They often linger in distress, and the care that can be provided at home may not be enough (although hospice care is wonderful). Nursing homes are expensive for many, and if I understand the system, patients need to be admitted from the hospital for costs to be covered. So the alternative is to have a family member who is in the last stages of dying admitted to the hospital, not to be saved, but to be helped through the process of dying. Dying at home sounds wonderful, but some family members can't handle that. I know that we need to change that admission to the hospital in order to save costs, but I also know that families often need the help that a hospital can provide at those final days."

Cure sometimes, Treat often, Comfort always

Hospice Klang brings joy to an otherwise sombre situation ...

Excerpt ....

Further down the road, at Jalan Kem, is Chew Yoke Lian, 52, who has advanced stage throat cancer. Looking at her now, it’s hard to believe that she used to suffer excruciating headaches, pain so bad that she had to hit her head with a spoon continuously just to get some relief.

She used to need two injections a week, but now she doesn’t even have to go to the hospital because of the medication given to her by Hospice Klang and the visits by hospice team.

“I told my friends, but none of them believed me,” she says. “They said: ‘Where in the world are there such good doctors who make house calls?’ They thought I’m imagining things. I had to take a photograph and prove to them that it’s true. I used to suffer terrible pain and nausea for a whole month, unable to eat or sleep.

Chew Yoke Lian, who has advanced stage throat cancer, is a happy woman these days after prescribed medication which stopped the excruciating pain in her head.

Hospice is about hope. But it is hope redefined in the context of a patient’s illness. Although a cure is no longer an option for these patients, “what they can hope for is to have no pain, and have friends who come to see them, and hope that they don’t have to keep going to the hospital.”

B'cos We Matter, B'cos We Care.

B'cos We Matter, B'cos We Care.

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HospiceKlang Home care

HospiceKlang Home care

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